Media Art Award

Every year, the best projects of Media, Arts and Design students get awarded with the Media Art Award, given out by the Bauhaus-University Weimar. The event is organized by a different faculty each year. In 2016, the faculty of Interface Design was commissioned to conduct this event.






Semester Project

With students coming from a wide variety of studies (including Product Design, Media Arts and Design, Media Management as well as Fine Art) we had a very diverse set of perspectives and skillsets which really made this project stand out to me in terms of teamwork.

Together we formed a way to document our process of organizing and forming the event, called „The Journal“. It was supposed to work like a public diary for our team, giving insights and tease people to draw attention to the event itself. In the end, we realized that the timeframe in which we had to organize the event was way to short to make more Journals.

The video helped us with our social media activity and performed well speaking of the metrics.

Besides the Journal video, I also made a craftsmanship-focused video introducing the award itself, designed by product designer Evelyn Reuß. The video was posted to the social medias and was shown during the ceremony itself.

This project was made within the course "Medienkunstpreis 2016" at Bauhaus-University Weimar. It was taught and advised by Linda Schumann, SS16.


Media Art Award on Facebook
(Completely redone annually).