The Golden
Age of Design

The Golden Age of Design is a conceptual advertising campaign for an undefined art- or design school. It discusses the perception of design in the public sphere, the philosophy of design and the requirements of sustainable design.


Art Direction, Production




Semester Project

This project grew from a very recent interest of mine towards ethics and design. It’s been inspired by talks of Mike Monteiro and a book recently released by Friedrich von Borries, „Weltentwerfen“.

To me, the impact one can make with design is what makes this craft so interesting. But with that freedom of creation comes a tremendous amount of responsibility.

The way we design, also what we design in the first place, needs constant review in regards of sustainability. This review should be part of the standard design process across the field, but it isn’t. It’s not just widely dismissed by the industry, but also in design education. I am concerned that while there are some approaches to non-linear product design etc., these fields don’t get as much attention as they should be getting.

This photo series is thought to be part of a marketing campaign for a design school or institution that addresses sustainable design. It consists of two parts - a poster series as well as a web gallery. The posters are made for urban hot spots in design and art scenes like museums, schools or universities relevant to the field.

It also has a web gallery, enabling the campaign to go beyond a local scale. It showcases the artworks and features a curated Pinterest board, offering news and articles relevant to the discussion on sustainable design.

This project was made as part of the course "Bildwelten moderner Reklame", taught by Professor Hermann Stamm and Jens Hauspurg at Bauhaus-University Weimar, WS16/17.

The Golden Age of Design was exhibited as part of the summaery, the annual show of the Bauhaus-University Weimar, showcasing exhibitions and performances from Bauhaus students.

Thanks to

Luisa Metz for modelling.

Richard Weigert and Christoph Stötzer for support during the photoshoots.