Redesigning the Official App of Bauhaus-University Library was one of the first real, hands on UI Design projects I did. While working in the constraints similar to a real-world product design situation, the project stayed a concept for a number of reasons.


UI Design




Semester Project

The motivation to redesign the official library app evolved from the frustration using the app that was already there at the time. Doing it as a semester project, I rethought the structure and the features that a student would need most using the library in the digital age. Apart from that, I also tried giving the app a unique look inspired by traditional book aesthetics. Due to the private APIs of the library management software, this mockup will remain as a concept.

Check out the interactive prototype beneath. You can find sketches and previous versions of the design in the link section below.

This project was made within the introductory course of Media, Arts and Design at Bauhaus-University Weimar. It was taught and advised by Martin Schied and Professor Michael Markert, WS15.


BibApp Entry in the Media Wiki of Bauhaus-University
(including versions and sketches of the project).

Thanks to

Alex Muench for design critique.